IMG_6995I spend my weekdays as a Product Manager. Come weekends, I’m an official F1 nut. Regular husband, incidental photographer.

My photos are on flickr, 140 characters on twitter and I co-founded and used to contribute to Über Desi.


What’s with the photography posts?

– I get asked a lot of questions about photography. I figured if I have enough friends asking me the same questions, there are people out there, who might be interested in these thoughts.


Whatever happened to the older posts on your blog?

– Currently they are archived. This whole site is in flux and I’ve not decided on what I need to do with them. They seem to detract from my current work and that’s the main reason I’ve decided to make them private for now.


If you do want to write to me, I’m at hi at karthiknarayan dot me or use the form below.

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