Podcasts you say?

Photo credits: Serial Podcast by Casey Fiesler

Like a million other people, it all started with the Serial podcast. Personally it was the immigrant narrative – Parents who had no clue about the system and how that contributed to everything that went on. Once Serial ended, I had to find my fix and that’s when I stumbled upon a few other interesting podcasts. Here are four that caught my ear and might catch yours too.


Startup: This podcast chronicles the rise of a startup – Gimlet media. Alex Blumberg of This American Life is behind it and while it is not a technology startup, the problems they face are similar to the ones that any startup would face. The oft taboo topics like valuation and equity are discussed in detail.

Recommended episode before taking the leap: How not to pitch to a billionaire



Reply All: One of Gimlet media’s first podcasts, Reply All, as you’d guess, is focussed on technology. Not in the geeky way, but in a way that makes even the normal person go “hmm”. If you are into technology, this show will be something you’ll subscribe to. That said, stay clear of episode 2 if you are not into the gory details behind doctors and medicine.

Recommended episode before taking the leap: We know what you did – They find the guy who created the pop-up ad.


Invisiblia: This one is from NPR and is not for everyone. It’s a great show, but the episodes are a little too long – two 30 minutes stories. That said, if you are the kind of person who is amazed by nature and the invisible forces (that’s where the title comes from) that move us, this is a great show. It’s pretty heavy, so be warned.

Recommended episode before taking the leap: The secret history of thoughts


Planet Money: Another podcast from NPR, one that probably needs little to no introduction. The show delves into money and often times the intersection with technology. Most episodes are around the 30 minute mark and is are well produced.

Recommended episode before taking the leap: Hello, I’m calling from La Mafia


Got any recommendations for me?



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