Dangerous curves ahead for F1 as a sport.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how F1 might turn into the new A1GP, if Button decides to go the McLaren route. And it looks like that’s happening while I type.

Earlier today, James Allen had this to say on twitterdangerous_road_ahead

See update on Button story, reports he’s on verge of signing £6m a year deal with McLaren

Later this event PST, like clockwork, The Guardian ran the story.

Add that piece of the news with Brawn GP, which will now be Mercedes GP, are looking to sign Nick Heidfeld. Mercedes GP have already signed Rosberg, who races under the German flag.

This leaves us with two teams, both of which have drivers from their country. Lotus is still in search of that elusive Malaysian driver and so is Force India. If both those teams go the national route, almost half the grid will look very different.

As I see the situation right now, this cannot be very good for the sport. But stranger things have happened. What are your thoughts?

The iPhone camera is finally useful.

bbrgApple took cellphones to the next level with the iPhone. Tom, Dick, Harry and my grand mother have one and they created a great revenue generation scheme with their apps. One of the parts where they screwed up was with the camera.

If you are one of the few people, who does not own one, a google search will tell you about how bad the camera is, so I’m not getting into the details.

To give you a rough idea, I’ve always found myself in the “Never edit a photo” crowd. I took pride in composing “good” photos and sticking to that. There have been times, when I’ve cropped pictures and played with the RGB settings, but they were rare.

All this changed when I had a bad camera on the iPhone.

Over the course of the past few months, I’ve managed to play with a few free photo editing apps for the iPhone. Darkroom, ArtCam Lite iEasy Photo Lite, PS Mobile and Best Camera. It’s true that all those apps, save Best Camera, are free, but I find myself going back to Best Camera over and over again.

The reason I’ve noticed is a) the ease of use. The filters are easy to apply, easy to access and there are just enough filters to not get lost. It’s an iphone and Best Camera keeps it simple.

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