Podcasts you say?

Photo credits: Serial Podcast by Casey Fiesler

Like a million other people, it all started with the Serial podcast. Personally it was the immigrant narrative – Parents who had no clue about the system and how that contributed to everything that went on. Once Serial ended, I had to find my fix and that’s when I stumbled upon a few other interesting podcasts. Here are four that caught my ear and might catch yours too.


Startup: This podcast chronicles the rise of a startup – Gimlet media. Alex Blumberg of This American Life is behind it and while it is not a technology startup, the problems they face are similar to the ones that any startup would face. The oft taboo topics like valuation and equity are discussed in detail.

Recommended episode before taking the leap: How not to pitch to a billionaire


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The step child of SF

The step child of SF

Not sure how or when, but at some point I did realize that the other bridge in SF got all the attention, the beautiful photos and people instantly recognizing it.

The Bay Bridge on the other hand was just there, seen but not captured. That’s when my love story with the twin deck metallic structure started…

The anatomy of a memorable photo – What works for me.

Everything starts with a goal and so does this post. If you are looking to document your trip, then just jump in, point your camera, get one of those shots everyone else has, pack your bags and call it a day.

However, if you looking for something different, you’ll need to do a little more.

Like a computer programmer is taught to start with an algorithm, A photo needs to start with some planning. This becomes vital when you are shooting a cityscape. While people have various techniques, here is what I do and it works for me.

Before heading to any new destination, I start by scouting the location. The first of which is looking for photos. With a combination of Google images and flickr, I have a rough idea on the types of photos you can get at the location. Sometimes, I supplement this by looking at the map, even the satellite images of the place, which gives me an approximate idea of what is in store.

Armed with this information, I gather any additional information I might need. Things like the weather (for clothing and my shots) , timing of when the place is open, additional resources that I might need to get to / around the location and specific rules that might apply (some places do not allow tripod’s / bags, neither do they have places to store them, parking etc.).

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And only happen in a town like this

This is another photograph from my visit to Delhi earlier this year, the last shot of the Qutub Minar hiding, I promise.

The title comes from the lyrics of a Frank Sinatra song “My kind of town”, which is how I feel about Delhi. I can see myself spending, days, weeks just walking around with a camera. Too bad I did not get to spend more time in and around there.

Because Narain Karthikeyan deserves it.

From the rumors and hints being dropped, India will have another reason to celebrate, maybe as early as this weekend.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the new torch bearer deserves this honor. But before we go all out, let’s remember the person who started it all, when the climate was very different.

Back in 2005, Narain Karthikeyan became the first Indian driver to get a seat in F1. And 2005 was a very different time period. Sponsors in India were still weary of the international scene, there was no Force India F1, there was no Indian GP and there certainly was no chartered course for an Indian driver. I do not know of any other drivers from India who decided to pick a driving school like Elf Winfield and then went on to compete in the international scene, even in the junior races.

But braving those odds, Narain managed to secure a ride. Driving for a back marker team, I did not expect too much from him, but he did shine. Call it blind faith, but I did and still do believe that Narain would have done well had he found a stronger team.

In the following days and weeks when the Indian media hails the new blood, celebrate, but spare a moment for the man who made it there, with a much smaller fan base, a much smaller group of sponsors and managed to create history.

As much as I hate Nascar, I know this. If Narain does start racing in that series, I will be there cheering him. The man deserves it and that’s the least I could do as his fan.

Schumi steals Christmas and Narain talks Nascar.

With Schumi going to race for Mercedes GP, he essentially stole the headlines. At least in the rest of the world.

While I’m excited that he is back, I’m torn between picking him, giving up my allegiance for Ferrari and Massa. It’s as difficult as picking a Belgian beer at Monks Kettle.

To make matters more shitty, Narain is now talking about Nascar. No seriously.

I do understand that there are lot of idiots fans who pay good money to watch people drive in circles. Add the possibility of tapping the Indian market for fans, advertising opportunity and having the first Indian in Nascar, it all makes sense. Narain could be making good money, but by driving in the most barbaric racing series, he would be pushing fans like me away.

Arghhh! This is supposed to be fun.